Cote d'Ivoire


Technical Potentials in West Africa

This dashboard shows the renewable energy technical potentials for West African countries.

Overview Tables

This dashboard allows users to view and download renewable energy balances for a number of countries by category, technology, source and more.

Avoided Emissions Calculator

This calculator estimates the greenhouse gas emissions avoided due to a country’s renewable electricity generation in a given year compared to various fossil fuel generation scenarios.

Data Download

This dashboard allows users to download the 'Renewable Electricity Capacity and Generation Statistics' query tool. Through which users can perform quick offline data queries.

Regional Trends

This dashboard shows a global overview of the renewable energy installed capacity and electricity generated across regions. It displays progress over time for the selected technology.

Statistics Time Series

This dashboard allows users to dynamically create charts based on renewable energy capacity and electricity generation for selected countries and technologies.

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Costs

This dashboard provides an overview on latest global trends in renewable energy costs. It displays global weighted average total installed costs, capacity factors and LCOE by technology.

LCOE 2010-2017

This dashboard provides an overview on trends in global renewable energy levelised costs of electricity (LCOE) in the time period from 2010 until 2017.

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