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IRENA Country Profile: Turkey

This country profile page of Turkey combines elements of IRENA analysis with the latest available renewable energy information, including renewable energy capacity and energy sector statistics, resource assessment, policies, targets, financial and investment data, projects as well as latest news and events.

Geothermal sites in Turkey

...sites in Turkey. Details provided for each point include; the names province and county where the site is... have been developed by the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) of Turkey.

The Age of Renewable Power: Designing National Roadmaps for a Successful Transformation

...access – Turkey 40 Box 9: Congestion management – New Zealand 43 Box 10: New tariff structuresVanuatu... Argentina Turkey India China WORLD Japan Saudi Arabia France Italy Mexico United States Spain Australia... access – Turkey Background: During the past few years Turkey’s attention regarding renewable energy development... pro-rata, Turkey launched in 2011, an innovative way to manage the queue of grid connection requests for...

REmap Energy Generation and Capacity

This dashboard provides data by energy generation, power capacity and country. Users can compare multiple countries in the ‘Country Comparison’ sheet.

REmap Investment Needs

This dashboard displays the renewable energy investment needs [USD billion/year (2010-2030)] that will result from the full deployment of REmap options by country. Users can display data by a specific country or choose multiple countries to compare.

REmap Overview Tables

This dashboard allows users to download REmap Country Roadmaps findings in various forms such as tabular format e.g. CSV, excel or in PDF format by country, sector, technology, source and more.

REmap Energy Demand by Sector

This dashboard provides an overview of the total final energy demand by sector. It displays data by sector, country and energy sources. Users can explore data for a specific sector by clicking on the sector icon and view the breakdown of the sector energy demand.

REmap Map

This dashboard provides an overview of the key REmap data by country. It is based on the ‘REmap: Roadmap for a renewable energy future, 2016’ report and provides information related to total final energy consumption, energy sector demand, power capacity and electricity generation.

REmap Total Final Energy Consumption

This dashboard provides data on total final energy consumption by country, direct and indirect uses, and REmap case. Users can compare multiple countries in the ‘Country Comparison’ sheet.

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Costs

This dashboard provides an overview on latest global trends in renewable energy costs. It displays global weighted average total installed costs, capacity factors and LCOE by technology.